by admin | March 25th, 2012

Heres a testamonial from our friend Nightmare Alabama:

“My Humboldt Hempwick lighter and glass pocket holder that I ordered came to me safe and sound.  It was shipped wrapped well in tissue, and arrived in 3 days.  I had a friend over when it got here, and we immediately tried it out on a bowl.  I was curious before it arrived as to how it stayed lit.  This mystery was solved the moment I opened the package when I caught the scent of beeswax.  I love beeswax! We tried both the light and heavy gauges and liked both.  They are both fairly wind resistant when passing them, though you must attend to the length of the wick or it will burn down too far to pull out more.

I tested how fast the wick burns and the light burned about 2.62. inches per minute, while the heavy only burned about 1 1/2.  Since they cost the same per 200 ft length, this makes the heavier gauge a better buy.  It is a novel way to pass a bowl without losing your lighter because everyone knows who it belongs to.  Thank you so much to Humboldt Traders for my Hempwick sample pack!”

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  1. weedglass says:

    I’ve tried the other brands and Humboldt-Traders wick is the best by far. I love that Fine Flame!!

  2. Matt says:

    One of the most friendly online providers out there. They sent me a free sample and I think its muchhhh better than beeline. I am ordering more at this second. Two thumbs up. I am a real costumer.

  3. Old Hippy says:

    It would be interesting to see a post about Humboldt Hemp Wick Lighters that wasn’t posted by someone who works for Humboldt Hemp Wick Lighters.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Old Hippy! Our reviews are from real customers. Just check out our eBay feedback!


  5. Matt says:

    I do not work for this company. I am a real user of their product, and everything I wrote is the truth. I use humbolt everyday. The taste is terrific and much healthier than butane lighters.

  6. Josh says:

    I’ll testify :) Really nice product! Fine wick always burns up quicker but this Fine Flame’s burnin slower than other “fines” I’ve tried. HT shipped it the day after I ordered it and they even hooked me up with an extra 6 or 7 feet of wick on the side! Cool people! Bless

  7. Shane says:

    Definitely the best it’s all I use anymore! Lights and stays lit better, and yet is also easier to extinguish! The glass holders are great, too!

  8. Wesley says:

    love humbolt wick very clean taste fresh smell burns wonderfully support local products

  9. Chris says:

    I got my free sample about 10 days after emailing, I requested a sample of both the fine flame and the full flame wicks. I was expecting maybe a foot of each at most, but (just eyeballing it, I didn’t measure) looks like I got about 5 feet of each.

    The fine flame was not really my style, but would be perfect for people who like to corner a packed bowl. The full flame was perfect for me, however. Enough control to corner a bowl if I want to, but with more than enough heat to get the whole thing burning. I noticed the taste of my herb way more than with a lighter, and found myself coughing far less.

    I’ve tried a couple of locally available hemp wicks and they don’t compare. I-tal wick burns far too quickly with a massive flame, and the other no name brand I got from my local head shop wasn’t any better. To top it off, the i-tal wick was 20 bucks for 50 feet – I ended up getting 200 feet of the full flame wick shipped to BC, Canada for that price.

    TL;DR version – Get a sample from these guys, their product speaks for itself. You’ll probably end up doing the same thing I did – ordering as much as you can get your hands on.

  10. James Lear says:

    I ordered 2 of the 10 foot lengths and called customer service right away because I wanted 1 fine flame, and one thick. The guy I talked to was extremely nice, looked up my order and helped me through the whole thing! Said it was no problem and that he would send me one of each! PS I notice every1 thinks the testemonials are fake, they’re not…. My name is Jlear3 on GrassCity, send me a message and I will explain how the wicks work!
    5 Stars for customer service
    5 Stars for price
    100 Stars for free shipping!
    Will update once I have the wicks and use them!

    Thank you Humboldt traders!
    James Lear

  11. James Lear says:

    Ok, I just got my wicks in the mail, and these things are amazing! They don’t burn too fast, and they taste freaking amazing!!!! 10/5 stars, freaking amazing!

  12. Chicago Stu says:

    It’s always cool when I find an American company that has great product, customer service, and price.

    Thanks Humboldt.

  13. Gerardo says:

    never have i been so concerned about as a customer. Humboldt Traders, you’re awesome.

    this bud’s for you.

  14. chris says:

    Thanx HT . Fast shipping ,great product , extra wick sent , Nor-Cal company , it just doesn’t get any better.

  15. justin says:

    awesome wick and great company. i always receive my order quickly and always receive a superb product. thanks guys! if you’ve never tried wick before, don’t waste your money or time with other brands, these guys are the best.

  16. Reid Rayfield says:

    This hemp wick is great. Looks and smells good. Get this and enjoy the full flavor of your herb. Im going to be gettin this for as long as i smoke. Thanks humboldt

  17. Dom - HB, CA. says:

    Ordered 100ft on Thursday last week, got my wick on Saturday!! Super quick shipping in California and How can you beat the price? Did I mention shipping was free? This wick is way better than the over priced wick they sell at smoke shops, I’ll definitely order from humboldt traders again once this spool runs out. :)

  18. Shirley says:

    Well, I am so pleased with this product. I really hope you can keep makin this stuff for years to come. second the idea of wrapping the entire lighter..the hempwick goes wherever the lighter goes and can easily use it every time….it’s becoming one of those things never want to run out of >> and something welcome to share with others…ordered an additional 60 feet, still want more! plus writing a testimonial.. so, yeah, a fan of this. Butane Is Bad!

  19. Brooks says:

    When I ordered my wick I accidentally put an incorrect address and immediately emailed them to change my address. They got back to me within minutes and let me know that the change had been made. I didn’t receive the wick for a few days longer than expected and I emailed them again to ask if something had happened on their end. Again within minutes I received an email apologizing and letting me know that they would be sending another order right away. I just received my wick and it works AMAZINGLY. I would just like to say that I have never received this good of customer service and I will be recommending this company to everyone I know. Well done and keep up the good.. no GREAT work.

  20. Emilie says:

    I sent out for the free sample it was mailed on the 13 and got here yesterday on the 16. The shipping is very fast and reliable. It got here in perfect condition. I tried it and it is amazing. It is of a much higher quality then the stuff you can buy locally here in Las Vegas. Thank you so much I love the wick and will only buy from this company.

  21. Wick-ed. says:

    I ordered two 200ft full flame spools. It’s a bitch trying to look for it in Britain, it’s hopeless. I accidentally stumbled on this site so you can imagine my happiness. I love the wick, it makes the smoke a lot smoother it seems, and without the butane killing my brain cells. Bonus. Great prices, decent shipping price too. All in all, a lovely product. I’ll be sure to inform people of this site, and I’ll definitely be sure to come here for my next spool :D

  22. Dom says:

    Second time ordering from Humboldt, these guys are awesome and the product is GREAT! I use the full flame, ordered another 200ft, AND this time I ordered a blue hemp lighter holder thing, can’t wait for them to arrive! It’s SO nice to support an American based company, I’ll gladly give my money to Humboldt Traders, I know these guys work hard to produce excellent quality hemp wick unlike the commercialized crap you get at head shops! Can’t wait for my lighter and hemp wick to come! Keep up the great work guys, I will always order from Humboldt Traders! Best product, best customer service hands down.

  23. JAL says:

    The free sample is awesome, not many companies let you sample before trying, and it got here fast. Will be placing an order!

  24. Jay M. Levell says:

    Yeah, this stuff is great AND the folks running the show are great!The best customer service I have seen in an AMERICAN business! MADE IN USA! Northern California,,,,,, Yeah! I have made a few believers of Humboldt Wick in Alaska. Most folks are like me and did not KNOW this product was being crafted. One ‘hit’ with Humboldt Wick was all it took. I don’t care which wick I use, the fine or thick, I love it all. I have tried another brand , just 4 feet of it and it PALES in comparision. Don’t even TRY any other brand, once you found Humboldt Traders you need look NO further for THE best. Simply the best. Yeah!

  25. Dom says:

    About a year ago I ordered my first roll of full flame and a dispenser, first of all I get a LOT of compliments on the dispenser and my friends are always jealous they don’t have one! Secondly, this is the best hemp wick I’ve ever used! I ONLY order from these guys, it’s so nice to know I’m supporting a California based company where the product is made HERE and not in India like most hemp wick manufacturers.

    My loyalty will stay with Humboldt Traders, great product, great prices (free shipping!!!!) and my wick always shows up in about 3-5 days! I love this stuff so much that I treat it like a prescription, once I’m running low I order up again, after using Humboldt Wick trust me you can’t go back to anything else! Whenever I’m out and someone hands me a lighter it grosses me out, I actually started carrying a little wick with me for when I’m out or at a friends house. You want to get the FULL taste of your greens then use this wick, you don’t taste ANYTHING but your greens! Superb!

    Thanks again guys you rock!!

  26. Dom says:

    Yeah just a quick aside, I’m not a “fake reviewer” I don’t work for HT, why is it that when a company is doing the right thing people accuse them of posting fake reviews? People, some companies suck we know this, but every now and then someone like HT comes along and just knows how to do it the right way. I order 200ft full flame from these guys every time I run out, which isn’t that often since this stuff burns so slow it lasts forever, I’ve been a customer for over a year and I just placed my third order with them.

    If you’re skeptical about how great HT wick is, or you think the reviews are fake, go ahead and request a sample FOR FREE and have these guys prove you wrong. Trust me, you’ll be on here after you get your wick posting a review about how much you love it! Don’t be negative just because these guys know what’s up! Or you can just go ahead and buy that crappy overpriced , over commercialized crap wick from the head shop, taste like shit, smells like shit, costs WAY too much, and burns so fast your 50ft roll might last you a week if you’re lucky. :) I’ll just stick with HT.

  27. bettybong79 says:

    Just ordered my free sample, I already know I am going to love this. I will be back to purchase the 200ft roll. Thank you. Not many sites give free samples anymore.

  28. Schmevel says:

    Game changer of a product. I 1st saw the HT hemp wick in a YouTube video. I’m now a proud owner of 100+ ft and a very cool glass “lighter”. Such a cool product. Thanks HT for the world class product and customer service. The taste is awesome. I don’t smoke without it now. The only problem with it is your first reaction to lit HT hemp wick is to blow it out. (kind of like a just sparked j or a bowl w pollen) Minor problem at worst. 9 out of 10 or 5 stars.

  29. Justin says:

    I’ve already left a review here, but I felt compelled to post that after two years, Humboldt hemp wick is still the only wick I use! They are always fast and reliable. The quality of the wick is always superb, it burns slowly and consistently, burns clean, and it even smells nice and sweet while imparting no flavor. I just ordered another 200′ because I recently ran out, and I’m looking forward to it as I’m already tired of the butane lol. Thanks y’all at Humboldt Traders for offering such an amazing product! There is only the rare situation where I am caught smoking without your wick, and that’s when I forgot to order more on time!

  30. Sarah Katherine says:

    Love it. If you set it on a table after you use it in a room with little air flow, the smoke trail looks cool af and is fun to stare at

  31. Forilla says:

    Just received my wick and what can I say, converted! L8r lighter fluid. Blazing the hemp trail! Rockers highfi!

  32. Sean says:

    I first discovered hemp wick a few months ago and it’s been a necessity for me ever since. Without butane the taste difference is noticeable as well as having a smoother and more potent hit at 100*F cooler than a regular lighter flame.

    I buy enough to support my needs as well as being able to bum a few feet away at a time to friends because they prefer to use hemp wick. This brand is the only kind I’ve bought after reading reviews of others and with three thicknesses to choose from Humboldt meets everyone’s needs.

    A HempLight wick dispenser / lighter case is a MUST HAVE with this!

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