It would be highly intelligent to take a little time to inform yourself about the dangers of butane inhalation. Agencies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are showing there are a variety of risks associated with the use of butane lighter fluid for lighting smokeable materials. The Center for Disease Control notes that improper exposure to butane can cause symptoms such as drowsiness, asphyxia and narcosis in their Pocket Guide to Hazardous Chemicals, a publication through the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Let’s be honest, you only want to be passing out from kind nuggets. By utilizing a hemp wick you can avoid these hazards all together and smoke knowing that you’re receiving the full flavor and effect of your favorite greens.

If that’s not enough, consider this British report that links butane lighter fluid to 52% of all deaths occurring from abused solvent chemicals. It’s dangerous stuff!

Hemp wicks are made of hemp fibers, which is a renewable resource. Once lit, these fibers will burn without giving off noxious fumes that carry risks associated with the dangers of butane inhalation. Go green and be eco-friendly. Drop the plastic lighters or at the least give your respiratory system a break. Make the choice that will eliminate hazardous butane (and whatever other gases might be in that off brand cheap-o lighter) from the equation. Keep the nasty chemicals away from your breathing passages, light up with a hemp wick. Your lungs will be sure to thank you later! Go ahead, you can thank them right now by using a hemp wick on your next joint, bowl or bong.