Humboldt Hemp Wick®

Humboldt Hemp Wick®


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Looking to savor the flavor of your favorite smoking products? If so, Humboldt Hemp Wick offers a premier smoking solution for even the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs.

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Your body is a temple. Why pollute it by breathing in dangerous butane and other noxious gases known to be hazardous to your health? We all agree that “what’s from the earth is the greatest worth.” Humboldt Hemp Wick® is produced domestically in Humboldt County, California and made with 100% organic hemp fibers and beeswax.

Even better? These completely renewable resources are as kind to the planet as they are to your lungs.

And because hemp isn’t a gas, it doesn’t combust at the same extreme temperatures as butane. You’ll enjoy a pure, clean and chemical-free taste sensation with organic hemp wick that is ideal for lighting everything from fine cigars to hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes to medicinal herbs and pipes.

Choose from a variety of lengths and flame widths ranging from fine to heavy to ensure your smoking satisfaction in all settings and under all conditions.

Don’t miss out on maximizing the full flavor of your favorite greens. Humboldt Hemp Wick’s® 100% organic alternative to butane lighters is the natural choice for your next blunt or bowl.

  • 100% Organic Alternative to Inhaling Butane Fumes Caused by Typical Lighters
  • Taste What You’re Smoking Much Better.
  • 100% Organic Hemp
  • 100% California Beeswax
  • Produced Domestically in Humboldt County, California
Humboldt Hemp Wick Flame Chart

Humboldt Hemp Wick® Flame Chart

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29 reviews for Humboldt Hemp Wick®

  1. Jay M. Levell

    This stuff is THE BEST! I tried one other hemp wick about 3 years ago and since I found Humboldt Hemp Wick I need no other hemp wick! My friends all agree with me on that. Mr Brett Watson really knows what he is doing at Humboldt Hemp Wick. If YOU want The Best,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,This is IT! Good enough for ME! Later Jay

  2. PER

    I’ve been using Humboldt Wick for 5 years and it’s by far the best brand. I love that Fine Flame!

  3. jason

    Easily the best Hemp Wick you can find, always top quality.

  4. Ryan Dumont

    Hands down the best hemp wick out there! I used them all and this is the only one I will purchase from now on. Received my order from Humboldt Hemp Wick on time and I get plenty of props from friends on the wick and my glass dispenser. Can’t wait to try the heavy hemp wick
    Cheers from SoCal!

  5. Juan

    Humboldt wick tastes, smells, and is obviously made the best. Other wicks smell like rubber or added chemicals. This wick smells like beeswax.

  6. Sarah

    To be honest I dont use any other hemp wick. Its sucks that none of my local smoke shops carry any but this website makes things a little more convinient. Humbolt hemp wick is by far the smoothest hemp wick I have ever used.

  7. JennBe

    I love humbokdt hemp wick! Can’t leave the house without some wrapped around a lighter or a good 20 inches stuffed into my sack. You can truly taste your flower with a clean burn. #foryourhealth It comes in handy not only when you Wanna medicate,but to light the BBQ, I just used it last night to relight the furnace! To light up a BON FIRE, string a necklace, tie a sack! The possibilitit’s are endless. ♡♡♡ get you’re hemp wick today!

  8. Stoneyfairy

    My favorite hemp wick burns very smooth and last very long

  9. River

    Last long and smells great! Definitely a must have!

  10. Krista

    Butane free and never going back. Being an asthmatic, smoking is hard on my lungs any way. With hemp wick, it’s one less bad chemical on my lungs! I love humboldt over any other brand I’ve tried!

  11. Crystal

    Avsolutely the best, especially for an asthmatic like me. Keep doing what your doing. Best brand I have ever tried and will remain a loyal customer!

  12. Justyne

    I love hemp wick. Shipped so fast and lasts awhile. Butane free and never going back

  13. John (verified owner)

    ” I have tried them all , Humboldt is the smoothest , freshest and sweetest hemp wick out there and the customer service is first class : )
    Don’t waste your time and money elsewhere
    Humboldt is where it’s at ” ifish2 from Ireland


  14. Julie

    ” I am usually sceptical about trying new stuff , but using the Humboldt hemp wick really works ! I tried other brands and I was about to give up on the whole hemp wick idea : ( Then I tried humbolts , what a difference ! The other brands are not even close to the clean , smooth ,and sweet tasting , Humboldt hemp wick ”
    This is a genuine review
    Many thanks and good luck
    Mrs ifish2 from ireland

  15. julie

    ” We tried them all and Humboldt hemp wick is the cleanest , smoothest and sweetest tasting hemp wick out there !
    We tested all the different brands samples against each other and Humboldt came out top : )
    This is an honest review
    Mrs ifsh2 from ireland

  16. Stoneyfairy (verified owner)

    Last super long .

  17. Nino (verified owner)

    Got a free sample and it was gone within the same day. Time to buy a 50 foot roll of this hempwick since its so amazing.

  18. Alicia Burns

    Humboldt has by far the most reasonable prices and the best organic quality, I immediately put the free sticker that comes with the purchase on the back of my car as well!

  19. Collett Deleon, (verified owner)

    I was beyond impressed when i received my hempwick. it was so smooth and Even and just perfect. The flavor that came with it was impeccable also. Honestly a must have.

  20. Richard

    Humbolt hemp wicks are the best! So much flavor is distorted using a bic lighter! Hempwick or bust!

  21. jason (verified owner)

    The best brand of hempwick out there. I won’t go through any other company unless this one shuts down. The temp buerns perfect and it’s super easy to reload one of the glass dispensers on here too. Keep up the great work with your product!

  22. F Nino

    Amazing hempwick! Will never go back to butane!

  23. Joel c (verified owner)

    Very good product.

  24. Beatrix (verified owner)

    I love humboldt hemp wick – had been buying from a big online retailer when I discovered it is cheaper direct and always fast shipping to the west coast plus you get a cool sticker 🙂

  25. Joe G Kush (verified owner)

    I never thought my flame had so much to do with flavor. Your wick fought me a big lesson. Never too old to learn something new. I’ll never go back to lighters again. Great product, great company!!

  26. JE (verified owner)

    This stuff is great and tastes awesome, I ordered my free hempwick sample exactly one week ago and received it today. I smoked with it and was so stoked about it I had to order 50 more feet of it and write this review. Bummed I didn’t discover this sooner. I’ve been smoking with a lighter for way too long. Might purchase some fine flame soon. Thanks for a great product!

  27. Johnny Hopkins

    LOVE IT!
    P.S. only go the Full Flame if you have the lungs to make use of it 😉

  28. Jimmy (verified owner)

    I first ordered Humboldt hemp wick September 2013 when their site was I was searching the internet and randomly stumbled upon their site, the first type of hemp wick I used was Beeline and thought it was great it got rid of the butane smell. Then I tried Humboldt’s hemp wick and I was amazed that it made THAT big of a difference, I ordered 2x 250ft full flame rolls and I shared it with my friends. My friend tried other hemp wicks that were cheaper, only to go back to Humboldt’s, why? Because it’s simply the best, you can actually taste the difference!

    I’ve moved to Asia and started to enjoy the herbs available here in South East Asia and ordered a bunch of hemp wick from homboldt. Happy to say the package made it all the way here safe and sound and now I have a bunch of people asking me where to get it and how much of a difference it makes when they light everything from a cigarette to bongs or even joints.

    Thanks for making the smoking experience much more enjoyable for everyone around the world!

  29. Marcus C (verified owner)

    Must be my 5th time at least, and although there were some USPS issues, everything on Humboldts end – FLAWLESS. Love the sweet smell you get that others just dont have, burns perfectly, and I get ‘sneaky’ bonuses pretty well every time! ☆☆☆☆☆ ♢♢♢ 10/10

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