Where to Buy Original Humboldt Hemp Wick

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We are the world’s #1 choice for hemp wick and nature’s finest flame!  You can find our hemp wick for sale in these great places online (click the link you desire):

Original Hemp Wick Lighter Dispenser / Holder

Original Hemp Wick Lighter Dispenser / Holder

Here on our website


Humboldt Hemp Wick: “Taste the difference!”  We are the original all natural butane alternative.


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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders right now when you order your Humboldt Wick :) Shipping charges still apply to hemp wick dispensers.


Organic Hemp Wick Lighters

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Welcome to Humboldt Traders!   “What is hemp wick?”, you might be asking yourself.  Hemp wick, also called hemp line, hemp rope, and hemp lighter, is a 100% organic alternative to inhaling the butane that your lighter uses to create its flame.  You light the hemp wick with your lighter, match or candle and use the flame from the hemp wick to light your medical herbs, cigars and smoking blends.  You will instantly notice that you can now taste what you’re smoking much better then when you used a traditional butane fueled lighter.  Our organic hemp wick is made with 100% certified organic hemp and 100% organic beeswax produced locally in Humboldt County California.  Hemp, nature’s wonder plant, and beeswax are fused together to provide you with the best flame source for your health, as well as for your enjoyment of your herbs and smoking blends!

Not only is our hemp wick the best, its the fairest priced hemp wick on the market.  100% organic.  100% the best hemp wick you can buy.  If you’d like to give us a try, we’ll send you a free sample and pay for the shipping to your doorstep (checkout our free sample page).

Amber-Silver G on G Holder + 100 FT Roll of Full Flame Hemp Wick Line

We have a fine hemp wick we call “Fine Flame” and a thicker style hemp wick we call “Full Flame”. We have both hemp wicks in 10 foot, 20 foot, 50 foot, 100 foot and 200 foot lengths. Please contact us for wholesale pricing on hemp wick.What’s The Difference Between Full Flame Hemp Wick And Fine Flame Hemp Wick?!
Full Flame hemp wick is .5mm thicker, typically burns slower and longer, and provides a more robust flame.
Fine Flame hemp wick lighters give you a precision flame you can use for pinpoint lighting and lets you enjoy “more smokable , less hemp wick…” while providing ample lighting capability.


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Heres a testamonial from our friend Nightmare Alabama:

“My Humboldt Hempwick lighter and glass pocket holder that I ordered came to me safe and sound.  It was shipped wrapped well in tissue, and arrived in 3 days.  I had a friend over when it got here, and we immediately tried it out on a bowl.  I was curious before it arrived as to how it stayed lit.  This mystery was solved the moment I opened the package when I caught the scent of beeswax.  I love beeswax! We tried both the light and heavy gauges and liked both.  They are both fairly wind resistant when passing them, though you must attend to the length of the wick or it will burn down too far to pull out more.

I tested how fast the wick burns and the light burned about 2.62. inches per minute, while the heavy only burned about 1 1/2.  Since they cost the same per 200 ft length, this makes the heavier gauge a better buy.  It is a novel way to pass a bowl without losing your lighter because everyone knows who it belongs to.  Thank you so much to Humboldt Traders for my Hempwick sample pack!”

Humboldt’s SHIT

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Did you ever wish there was a MAD magazine, BUT FOR STONERS?!  Well, your wishes have come true:  http://savagehenrymagazine.com/ Humboldt’s #1 comedy magazine.  Savage Henry Independent Times, aka SHIT, also has some great online content, so check it out!  @savagehenrymag on Twitter, too  :)


Custom dispenser from a customer!

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Quik Wick Hemp Wick Dispenser

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Checkout our new friends at Quik Wick!  Their team of innovative craftsmen is hard at work bringing this revolutionary product to YOU!


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Hemp Wick Lighter Holder and Organic Hemp Wick

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Amber-Silver G on G Holder + 100 FT Roll of Full Flame Hemp Wick

Where to Buy Organic Humboldt Hemp Wick Lighters

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Northern California – Humboldt County:



-Humboldt Clothing Co.

-Humboldt Patient Resource Center

-Humboldt Glass Blowers

-Pacific Paradise

-Per Glass

-Pleasure Center


-Time Traveler Smoke Shop



-Humboldt Glass Blowers

-Schatzi’s Hidden Treasures


-Stuff n’ Things



-Central Avenue Smoke Shop


Willow Creek



Southern California – Ventura County:


-Royal Cigars

-Pipeline Smokeshop

-Cigar Crazy

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