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They Think We’re Cool

the first time i light it it was like the first time i heard the beatles.
also i can finally smell things now ( ye ye tobacco is bad ), and people always ask to try it . so yeah i would recommend it if you want to truly taste whatever you smoke.
cant forget to mention , it only took 6 days from usa to europe yay 😀
Azazel Ansitif
When I first bought hemp wick to try out because my father’s lungs are very weak to begin with and I didn’t like the butane he was inhaling; I was not happy with the burn or the flavor that my father said it had. When he tried Humboldt Hemp Wick he said there was no flavor and the burn was consistent. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!
Melissa Luce

I love humboldt hempwick more than any other brands of wick I’ve tried. Mellow taste and burns great. Excellent customer service also. I give so much away just so other people can experience the joys of humboldt hempwick.

Kyle Bacoccini

Humboldt hempwick is the best! Makes smoking so much smoother and tastier. I’m definitely a Huge fan of your products ❤️

Brittanee Kyle
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